Worrier to Warrior Single Training Sessions

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Self Discovery Session


A Worrier to Warrior Training Session may be ideal for you if:

You’re tired of being afraid and trying so hard all the time
Your “inner critic” threatens to take over
You worry about what others think of you
You have lingering physical tension and pain that can’t be explained
You’re ready to let go of limiting memories and beliefs but you’re not sure how
You describe yourself as having anxiety
You’re uncomfortable feeling your feelings

Within a Worrier to Warrior Training Session, opportunities may arise to:

Explore healing restorative yoga postures
Learn to work WITH emotions
Uncover your truth
Compassionately question your thoughts
Support yourself by learning to establish healthy boundaries
Rediscover kindness toward yourself

Sessions are 90 minutes long and can be in person, in a virtual space like Skype or zoom or on the phone. You are worthy of investing in yourself.

0 out of 5


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