Worrier to Warrior Monthly Package

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The word “courage” is a combination of the latin word “cor”, which means heart and the French word “corage” which means the capacity to stand by our core. To me, cultivating courage means to open our hearts, allow ourselves to be real and vulnerable while remaining anchored in the truth of our self-worth.

Worrier to Warrior Monthly Training Sessions may be ideal for you if:

You’re tired of being afraid and trying so hard all the time
Your “inner critic” threatens to take over
You worry about what others think of you
You have lingering physical tension and pain that can’t be explained
You’re ready to let go of limiting memories and beliefs but you’re not sure how
You describe yourself as having anxiety
You’re uncomfortable feeling your feelings

Spend a month with me.

What I mean is this:
I would like to offer you a 75-minute session per week in a virtual healing space that we’ll create together via Skype or telephone (we’ll discover what works best for you).

I will send you a weekly email including specific practices, inspirations and concepts to support you as you integrate our time together each week.

I will answer questions you have between sessions on email or text.

At the end of 1 month, I will help you to create a customized 40-day personal practice that will be specific to you to support you in stepping into who you are meant to be. This might include physical movements, specific breath techniques, personalized meditations, visualizations, journaling tools and thought work just to name a few of the countless tools you might incorporate into your life in order to link back into the truth of your innate worth and unconditional love.

Your investment.

This work is for you and about you and requires you to arrive fully to meet it. If you feel called to go on this journey with me, you will receive the benefits equal to your willingness to be open to the process.
A single session with me costs $125, I would like to offer this particular package for $396 per month.

What you get.

Four 75-minute sessions
Personalized tools and techniques to integrate into your life every week
A chance to email or text me your questions between sessions
At the end of the month, a customized 40-day specialized practice just for you.

Purchase your Worrier to Warrier monthly package, regularly priced at $500 for $396 here or click the purchase button above.

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