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“Be mindful of judging others, for everyone is fighting a battle within themselves”

We all view the world through a specific lens. For a long time, my central concern was how I appeared to others. I learned early on that in order to get love, I had to be really, really good. To receive acknowledgment, I had to hit the home run, ace the test or get the starring role in the play. Like many of us, I internalized that love has to be earned.

As far back as I can remember, my mind has been preoccupied with how to attain the acceptance of others. This tendency had me living on the edge of my seat, allowing other people’s words and actions to determine my worth. If they were happy, I could be too. If they weren’t, it meant I was wrong and bad. I couldn’t tolerate disappointing others. I hid, I distracted, I avoided, I numbed, anything to free me from chasing love and affection. It never occurred to me to look to myself. The fairytales I’d grown up with didn’t show the princess awakening herself with her own love and light. I learned that someone better than me had to swoop in and tell me I was good enough.

Years of trying so hard to live up to an unreachable, idealized version of a person shredded my nervous system. I didn’t know anything about the functions of my body at the time, I only knew that on that one scary night, I surrendered my life to fear. A panic attack sent me to the hospital and I was left to piece together what had happened, why it happened and how I was ever going to feel like a normal person again.

I lived with chronic episodes of panic and disordered anxiety for 15 years. When you work with me, I share the tools I used to not only heal myself but to create a life of meaning from my experience. The concepts and teachings I gained after discovering yoga saved my life and changed everything. I left a career as a stressed out radio personality, rose above my defeating stories about my marriage and became a yoga teacher. Now, I work with others who are suffering as I once did. I see the fear in the eyes of my clients and I recognize that place. I remember feeling broken and hopeless. I’m here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you. I would like to help you recognize that you’re stronger than you think you are.

I drew from the paths of yoga, meditation, personal development and western psychology to craft a personal system of recovery. I offer you the techniques that continue to support me today. If you choose to take this journey with me, my intention is to create space for you to discover that you are not your thoughts, you are so much more. You will come to see how your thinking is creating your life. You’ll learn how to manage and question your thoughts. You’ll understand what your emotions mean and how to process them. You’ll receive practices to become familiar with the power of the present moment and how to link to the truth of your worthiness. You’ll begin to rebuild a new, loving relationship with your body. You may even connect with the part of yourself that has never been hurt and is always at peace.

In the midst of my years of suffering with anxiety, I never would have guessed that I would be grateful for those years of fear. If not for that pain, I may not have sought a way through. For so long, I just wanted a way out. I know now the only way out is through, and the tools I offer continue to support me as I move through the incredible, awful, beautiful, excruciating adventure that is life.

The practices I would like to share with you can help you to not only move beyond anxiousness but to evolve into the next great version of yourself. If you want to empower yourself to live an authentic life and release the shackles of “what other people think”, if you want to release shameful memories and integrate the lessons of the past into a meaningful present and exciting future, I invite you to move toward reclaiming your courageous heart, whether that be through working with me, or choosing another path that feels authentic for you.

A Worrier to Warrior Coaching Session may be ideal for you if:

You’re tired of being afraid and trying so hard all the time
Your “inner critic” threatens to take over
You worry about what others think of you
You have lingering physical tension and pain that can’t be explained
You’re ready to let go of limiting memories and beliefs but you’re not sure how
You describe yourself as having anxiety
You’re uncomfortable feeling your feelings

What does a Worrier to Warrior Coaching Session look like?

Together, we’ll meet on Skype, on the phone or in person. We’ll spend 90 minutes inquiring into the body, mind and heart. I’ll offer techniques to help you rebuild trust and compassion for your body and feel safe and grounded in the present moment. You may explore restoring and relaxing postures with your body. You’ll learn the nature of your mind, how to softly question your thoughts and beliefs and cultivate a much kinder inner dialogue. You’ll be empowered with understanding how emotions can guide you toward healing. You’ll learn how to release shame and create healthy boundaries and how to offer yourself the love you are looking for.

Your 90 minute session can be in person, in a virtual space like Skype or Zoom or on the phone. You are worthy of investing in yourself.

Session: $125 

Worrier to Warrior One on One Monthly Session Package

The word “courage” is a combination of the latin word “cor”, which means heart and the French word “corage” which means the capacity to stand by our core. To me, cultivating courage means to open our hearts, allow ourselves to be real and vulnerable while remaining anchored in the truth of our self-worth.

Ready to commit to managing your mind, building a new relationship with your body and reclaiming a courageous heart?

Have you decided it’s finally time to invest in yourself first and prioritize time for self-discovery and self-love? There are sooo many options to choose from when it comes to the allocation of your self-care dollars, why work with me?

I’ve spent a lot of time with fear. Fear that has rushed me to the hospital in my irrational belief that something is terribly wrong and fear that has caused me to avoid countless life opportunities. When I’d finally had enough, I found yoga. Yoga led me to concepts, understandings, practices, contemplations, inquiry and much more that have helped to open me to an entirely new life. I’m humbled and grateful because I see how my years of struggle led me to a place of inspiration, compassion and courage. I still have days where I meet negative emotion, but I now view that as a clue that I need to come back to myself, to the present moment and to the inner wisdom that exists within all of us.

This is how I want to work with you.

Now that I am offering personal sessions I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can serve in the most powerful way. This is what feels most authentic for me.

Spend a month with me.

What I mean is this:
I would like to offer you a 75-minute session every week for one month in a virtual healing space that we’ll create together via Skype or telephone (we’ll discover what works best for you).

I will send you a weekly email including specific practices, inspirations and concepts to support you as you integrate our time together each week.

I will answer questions you have between sessions on email or text.

At the end of 1 month, I will help you to create a customized 40-day personal practice that will be specific to you to support you in stepping into who you are meant to be. This might include physical movements, specific breath techniques, personalized meditations, visualizations, journaling tools and thought work just to name a few of the countless tools you might incorporate into your life in order to link back into the truth of your innate worth and unconditional love.

After 40 days, we’ll meet again. We’ll review and reconnect. We’ll celebrate and renew. Depending on you, I might offer some additions to your personal practice and suggestions moving forward. But moving forward is my wish for you. If you ask for another month or two together, we can do that. If you ask for a monthly session to support you, we can do that. I’m not interested in committing you to anything that doesn’t truly serve you.

This isn’t for everyone.

This work is a remembering. This work is an ignition of personal responsibility and radical self-compassion. It takes practice to integrate new thinking and practices into your life. This is for you if you’ve discovered that feeling “not enough” is no longer enough, if you’re always trying so hard, if you feel like you don’t measure up, if you shift yourself for the comfort of those around you, if you long for others to truly “see” you, if you know there’s so much more for you to do and experience, if you’re “good” but know you can be spectacular, if you believe fear holds you back, if you avoid uncomfortable conversations, if you haven’t forgiven someone or haven’t forgiven yourself, if you can’t slow down your mind, if you put yourself last, if you’re ready to put yourself first, if you’re ready to remember you are more than your thoughts, emotions and experiences…this is for you.

Your investment.

This work is for you and about you and requires you to arrive fully to meet it. If you feel called to go on this journey with me, you will receive the benefits equal to your willingness to be open to the process.
A single session with me costs $125, I would like to offer this particular package for $396 per month.

What you get.

Four 75-minute sessions
Personalized tools and techniques to integrate into your life every week
A chance to email or text me your questions between sessions
At the end of the month, a customized 40-day specialized practice just for you.

If this resonates, let’s begin.

Contact me and I will send you some pre-work so I can get to know you and serve you in the best way I am able.
Please share with those you feel would benefit.

I feel so called to support others in their realignment with their true nature of worthiness and goodness. I know what it feels like to live a life for the approval of others and I know what it took for me to begin to live from a courageous heart.

With LOVE,

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